About ServerSmash

ServerSmash was a series of large server versus server events.  Teams from different Planetside 2 servers met to do battle across a variety of maps.  These events were designed to showcase combined arms warfare, requiring a massive amount of coordination; wars that typically spanned entire continent.

Matches took place on the locked competition server Jaeger, with each participant being loaned a competition account for the duration of the event.  Graciously provided for Planetside Battles by Daybreak Game Company (formally Sony Online Entertainment), each competition account has a character for each faction and enough certification points to unlock any equipment that the player requires.  The minimum match size was 192 vs 192 (or four platoons per side), with the default match size set at 240 vs 240 (or five platoons per side).  If each side agreed, the match size can be increase in platoon sized increments (48 people) up to a current maximum of seven platoons per side (or 336 vs 336).

ServerSmash was Planetside 2, the way it is meant to be played.


ServerSmash started as an idea between Public Pickup players wanting to fight against each other on a large-scale setting, instead of single base domination matches.  It was borne of a conversation between Dotz0r, Lanzer, and All3lujah (Lujah).  They tossed around the idea of their home servers (Connery and Miller) facing off against one another in a scheduled match.  The event turned out to be a huge success, which prompted them to continue putting matches together for servers to enjoy.

The first ServerSmash

took place on a pre-released version of Hossin on the Public Test Server (PTS).  A force of 96 players from Connery and 96 players from Miller battled for Nason’s Defiance in a King-of-the-Hill style fight. This match dwarfed almost anything else ever seen in competitive gaming, and the PS2 community rallied to the idea.  It did not take long for each successive match to grow in frequency and size. From that first 96v96 fight, PSB experienced 144v144, 192v192, 240v240, 288v288, 336v336, and even 384v384 sized matches.

The second half of 2014 saw the inaugural ServerSmash competition, pitting the two European and two North American servers against each other in a round robin event over several months. This competition culminated in a showdown between the undefeated North American server of Emerald, and the European server of Cobalt.  Around the same time the smaller Oceanic Server, Briggs, made its first appearance in a friendly match against the North American server Connery.  With the inclusion of all Planetside 2 servers, ServerSmash now regularly organises, casts, and records matches that p twenty-three timezones.

How to participate

Want to partipate in ServerSmash? Great! There are a number of ways to get involved. The first step will be to venture into the subreddit for your server (Briggs, Cobalt, Connery, Emerald, and Miller) as these subreddits tend to be the rallying point outside of the game. The actual process differs between servers, but without knowing which server you play on these are the general ways of being involved:

  • The easiest way to participate is to join an outfit on your server that is already playing.
  • If you are a pilot each server has an air force pulled from players across the server and outfits. To join up with them find out who your servers skymarshall (air lead) is and find out how you apply.
  • Some servers have specialised mechanised groups they use – usually Sunderer or Harasser based – once again you’ll need to find out the specifics of who leads them
  • If you are part of an outfit that doesn’t currently play, and can get a minimum number together (server dependent – on Briggs it’s 6) you can try signing up as a new outfit.

Every server has just completed a fairness doctrine which outlines how they select people to play, and includes expectations of people who play in the match. The individual server doctrines should be posted up soon.

You don’t have to be battle rank 100, or have everything unlocked, in order to participate. For ServerSmashes we play on the competition server Jaeger, and all participants are loaned an account for the match which comes with an ungodly amount of certification points on it (somewhere in the 2million plus mark) by PlanetsideBattles. This allows you to directly unlock anything you need for the match (except directive weapons).

Feel free to contact your Server Representatives with any general, or server specifc questions on how to get involved.

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