Public Pickup [Under Construction]

Public Pickup is a community event that allows all types of players from different servers to come together and play in small scale fights.  These fights follow predefined rule-sets on a match-by-match basis. All participating players are randomly assigned a faction and team for the event.  Teams are rebalanced to make sure matches are fun, even, and enjoyable.

Public Pickup is a great way to hone your FPS skills and learn about game mechanics in a relaxed, semi-competitive environment. The NA Version is run by PSB, while the EU Version is run independently with PSB Accounts.

In addition PSB Accounts are used to Host Air Pickups as well!


Public Pickup NA Team

Operations Administrators



Public Pickup EU Team

  • [UFOs] Fallout
  • [WIB] Honzikus1
  • [RBCZ] Znipsel
  • [CB0I] Ospreyy