Rules of Engagement

Two teams of 12 players from two different factions fight over a neutral base to capture it.

The following rules may be subject to adjustments during the season depending on game updates or unforeseen conflicts.

 Table of Contents:

Organisation / Rules public

Staff Organization


  • reeve87 (/u/reeve87)
  • Robertinho95 (/u/Robertinho95)


  • Pariahterror (/u/Pariahterror)
  • TheTacticalShrimp (/u/TheTacticalShrimp)
  • Dronecrack (/u/Dronecrack)
  • Rodni (/u/Rodni)
  • HAL17


  • Signups: 17.03. – 12.04.
  • Season 2 Start: 20.04.15
  • Duration: 6 week + 1 week extra for catch ups
  • Planned Season 2 End: 07.06.15 (DD.MM.YY)

Division 1 will have Rematches with opposite bases (Single-point / Multi-point) because there are not so many teams participating.

Division 2 and 3 will play every opponent once. The map alternates between Single-point and Multi-point weekly.

New Teams will have a Division Decision Match in week 1 and will catch up their week 1 matches in week 6.

Matchplan: (



Matches can have variable team size. Matches are fixed with a base number of 12. However if both teams have players in reserves, Matches can be played with up to 18 players, So long as both teams agree to do so.

New teams start default in lowest division.

Teams can apply for a higher division, but have to prove in a match against a team of this division, set up by an admin.

point system

  • Each round win gives a point
  • A match win also gives a point
  • → teams can win 3-0 (Winning round 1 and round 2) or 2-1 (Winning only one round, but by influence)
  • Division rank is determined by points, If a team is drawing at the end of the season, The winner is decided by who won in their head to head match.

Match arrangement

There will be timeslots for matches where staff is available. There will be 3 timeslots occurring on 2 days, Friday and Sunday, each an hour long.


  • Slot 1, 17:00 – 18:00 UTC
  • Slot 2, 18:00 – 19:00 UTC
  • Slot 3, 19:00 – 20:00 UTC


  • Slot 1, 17:00 – 18:00 UTC
  • Slot 2, 18:00 – 19:00 UTC
  • Slot 3, 19:00 – 20:00 UTC

Matches must be arranged on the PSB forums with both teams agreeing on a timeslot.

Matches can be arranged outside of these timeslots but only if a member of staff is available.

Team Participation

Teams can be mixed from 2 outfits max.

Players must of been a member of the outfit for at least 2 months before the start of season 2. This is to prevent outfit hopping. Exceptions can be made by the Admins e.g. to allow complete new players.

There will be no more rosters, As long as you belong in your outfit you may play.

(if you have problems with the 2 month in outfit rule, talk to an admin)

Teams who are not mixed from two outfits are allowed to add up to 2 solo players to the team.

An individual player can only be part of one team.



PSB forums


  • @reeve1987
  • @Robertinho95PSB



While players are using Jaeger accounts they have to be in PSB TS and have their character number in front of their teamspeak name.

Rules of engagement

Two teams of 12 – 18 players from 2 different factions fight over a neutral base for its capture.

The following rules may be subject to adjustments during the season depending on game updates or unforeseen conflicts. Team captains will be notified on the changes.

Match steps

Maximum match duration is expected to be 60 minutes (preparation + playtime)


  • 2 rounds per match

  • Round time limit: 15 minutes

  • In case of a base being totally neutral base at the end of a round there will be a 1 min overtime so we can get a clear winner.

  • There will be a 10 minute break between the two rounds

  • If a team is not ready 15 minutes after match time:

    • Match start can be forced with current amount of players or a default loss (Maximum points) issued by the referee

  • If a team is unable to gather the agreed number of players in time, instead of suffering from a default loss, a match can be played with present amount of players

    • Missing players can join after the start of the round

Preparations (example 20:00)

  • Preparations start at the time agreed by both teams
  • 20:00 : Starts at the full hour → timeslot
  • 20:15 : Teams must be ready for match
  • Ready if sunderers are placed, players sit inside sunderers, and team says “ready” in yell chat
  • Multipoint bases need erase neutral influence before round start → one team will be asked by the referee to flip all points. the referee or other team can make the points then neutral when timer is at half.
  • 20:40 : Round #2 starts
  • 20:55 : Match discussion, Complaints / Feedback

Score report

Will be done by referee. Admins will do a summary for each week. scores on PSB Website.

Base faction choice


  • Participating teams pick a primary and a secondary faction for the whole season
  • If both primary factions differ, each team plays under its primary faction
  • If both primary factions are the same,
    • if secondary are not the same → secondary for both
    • if secondary are the same → cointoss → winner plays primary → only NS weapons
      • (exception for close range bolt action sniper rifles (TSAR-42, SAS-R, Ghost))

Base sunderer placement

  • 1 base per week
  • Cointoss for sunderer placement
  • Sunderer placements are exchanged for the second round

Sunderer placement

  • Both team have to place their own sunderers according to base setup once it is decided
  • PSBL will provide screenshots of exact sunderer placements
  • It is the team’s responsibility to place its sunderer, maintain and replace it if needed
  • Sunderer despawn timer is 20 minutes
  • Teams can deploy a backup sunderer behind each sunderer
  • In case of a sunderer despawns the backup can be moved in place


  • Vehicles
  • MAX suit
  • Rocket launchers
  • Smoke grenades
  • Recon darts, Motion Spotters and Crossbow darts
  • Shotguns
  • Empire specific heavy weapons (jackhammer, lasher, chaingun)
  • Under barrel attachments
  • Squad beacons and instant action
  • Engineer turrets
    • Can be placed
    • Can’t be fired
    • Spitfire auto-turrets are not allowed
  • Spawn camping
    • Having the opponent sunderer in direct line of sight and shooting opponents
    • We will mark a no attacking zone on the Maps but with exact sunderer placement it should not be possible to spawn camp unintended
    • damaging the Sunderers is also forbidden


  • C4
  • Concussion grenades
  • Mines
  • Flash grenades
  • AV grenades
  • Activatable knife
  • Crossbow bolts(explosive and standard)
  • Anything not mentioned is also authorised.


  • All implants are allowed
  • It is the team responsibility to craft the required implants prior to the match

Lineup changes

  • A player can be immediately replaced during a round under the following circumstances
    • Connection issues
    • Computer crash
    • Ingame bug and/or technical difficulties
  • Any player can be replaced by any other player from the team before the start of a round
  • The match Referee must be informed of changes by the team representative

Naming convention

  • All players must be on PSB teamspeak during the whole match
  • Teamspeak name must mention in the following order:
    • Example : [CONZ] 456 Roberthinho95
    • Outfit Tag : [CONZ]
    • Account character number : 456
    • Player name : Robertinho95
  • An ingame outfit and outfit tag must be set to hint the player identity
    • Outfit name : Robertinho95
    • Outfit tag : ROB9

Base pool

(we will make a new Map-Pool)

Switch between Single-Point and Multi-Point bases every week

Match and round victory conditions

Round victory

  • A round win is granted upon base capture
  • If the base is not captured, the team with the highest capture influence wins
    • If base is fully neutral there will be an 1 min overtime

Match Victory

  • The team which has won 2 rounds
  • If both teams have won a round each:
    • the team that capped the base wins (the other round has been won by faction influence by the other team)
    • the team that captured the base the quickest within the time limit wins
    • if both round are won by capture influence, the team that had the highest capture influence wins

Score report

  • A match is validated by the referee or the division admin
  • In case of disagreement on the result, head admins have final say
  • In case of disagreement both teams and the referee must produce screenshots of the match outcome
  • If both teams fail to produce proof a draw is issued
  • In the absence of a referee or admin, both team have to produce a screenshot of the match outcome to the referee or an admin (head admin or division admin)

Rules of conduct


All participants must act in a civilized way. The staff is open to mature discussions regarding the rules and format of the league. If a team is suspected of committing an infraction, in order to avoid pointless controversy, it is prefered to refer to an admin and to not accuse publicly the other team. During a match, only the team representatives are to discuss with the admins to avoid confusion.


All infractions are subject to investigation from the admins and can be adjusted at anytime in match or tournament.

Changes will be notified by the admin ingame if needed.

(info) always keep playing → issues handelt after, except some who result in an immediate restart (team captain comes to channel) or loss

In the case of an unplanned event the referee can restart a round.

Major infractions

  • Accounts alteration (character delete, password change…)
  • Cheating using third party software
  • Cheating using in game glitches (wall climbing and slingshots are excluded from that rule)
  • Insults, flame ingame and outside (outside being PSB Teamspeak during matches)
  • Sabotage (preparing the base before match start)
  • Aliasing, also known as the action to disguise your real name in order to:
    • play for another team
    • avoid being targeted

Minor infractions

  • Shooting opponents after cease fire callout or before match start
  • Using out of bounds areas
  • Spawn camping (having the opposing team sunderer and its direct surroundings in line of sight)
  • Lag abuse
  • Failing to comply with Ingame Restrictions


Major sanctions

See major infractions – each of these will be discussed and investigated among PSBL staff before deciding on a sanction

  • Team definitive ban
  • Team season ban
  • Player 1 to 2 match suspension
  • Player definitive ban
  • Player season ban

Minor sanctions

Can be decided during the match by the division admin, teams are allowed three strikes before sanction

  • Round default loss
  • Player exclusion for the match
  • Round restart
  • Force replacing the player


  • Spawn-camping → #1
  • Restricted weapon → #1
  • Motion spotting → #2 or restart of round if team captain wishes
  • Out of bounds → #1
    • Note: Out of bounds area depends on maps played. Out of bounds areas are e.g.:
      • Esamir, Octagon
        • Walls
        • Towers
  • preparation of the base before first round (e.g. lay mines beforehand) → round loss
  • start to early → restart
  • No show → match loss
  • Major – Infraction / Minor – Infraction / unsportsmanlike behavior → match / round loss
    • Depends on admin/referee judgement
  1. hold on respawn 20 sec
    1. e.g. allcall: “VS used restricted weapon. 20 sec respawn hold for VS” → “penalty over”
  2. team suicide
    1. the whole team has to use /suicide one time
  3. time penalty
    1. like holding all points for 1 min