Rules of Engagement

  1. Two teams of 24 players from two different factions fight a combined arms combat on a Lane with almost no restrictions for vehicles or equipment.
  2. On the ends of the Lane are the Home Bases for both teams.
  3. Points are awarded for Base Captures

The following rules may be subject to adjustments during the season depending on game updates or unforeseen conflicts.

General Match Rules:

  1. Startup time is 15 min (the match will start regardless if both teams are ready)
  2. Each match will consist of two 45 minute halves
  3. Each team will consist of 24 players
  4. Season 1 will be an 8 or 16 team single elimination bracket system (Depends on signups)
  5. Each match will take place on a “lane” of bases. ( See Lane rules below )
  6. You are not allowed to leave the area in ground vehicles or as infantry. (Penalty’s see below)
  7. Half time is 15 minutes.

(rules guarantee 2 hour per match and fixed times so its easier for casters and outfits)

Victory Conditions:

  1. The team at the end of both halves with the most points awarded wins
  2. If the two teams tie then a deathmatch will decide the victor ( See Deathmatch below )


  1. Capturing a single point base awards the capturing team with 2 points
  2. Capturing a three point base awards the capturing team with 3 points
  3. Capturing the opposing teams home base rewards the capturing team 5 points and ends the half.

Vehicle Rules:

  1. All vehicles are allowed on the Indar, Hossin and Amerish lanes
  2. MBT’s will not be allowed on the Esamir lanes except from Warpgates
  3. Galaxy’s can only be pulled from each teams warpgate in all matches
  4. ESF/Valkyries/Liberators can be pulled from the home base not anywhere else.
  5. Vehicles can only be pulled from the bases in the lane of combat

Starting Positions/Prep:

  1. Each Team will be required to start within the hex of their home base at the beginning of the each half and outside of any vehicles.
  2. No vehicles / Maxes can be pulled prior to the start of each half except the one galaxy allowed to each team to be placed anywhere in their starting hex they would like at the start of each half but it needs to be on the ground.
  3. In halftime the teams will leave the continent to despawn all deployables and the admin will lock the continent to repair all terminals and turrets.


  1. Players are responsible for their Nanite Resources.
  2. Players are free to use whatever implants they have available.


  1. Outfits need to pick their main faction as primary.
    • Mixed teams have to choose their primary and secondary faction as the faction the outfits are playing on live (if both outfits have the same faction the secondary can be chosen freely)
  2. If in the event each team participating in the match is the same faction the following rules are applied
    • If one team is a mixed team they need to play as their secondary faction.
    • If both teams are mixed teams read rule 3.
    • Prior to the start of the first half a coin flip is done and the winner chooses to either to play their secondary faction in the first or second half
    • Each teams chooses a secondary faction to play in their designated half.

Player/Team Makeup:

  1. All players must be a full time member of the outfit they are representing at the beginning of the match
  2. Teams can sign up as mixed from two outfits. We want to prevent team stacking. However the admins can make an exception, letting 3 outfits band together if you write a letter to /u/reeve87 on reddit and explain the need for this.
  3. Mixed teams of 2 outfits can sign up 1 friend if they are mixed and up to 3 friends if the team only consist one outfit (to give solo players a chance to participate)
  4. Substitutes for your team can be made at the halftime/intermission if required
  5. Changes of player participation need to be submitted 1 week before match day or else the changed players can’t play.
  6. List of participating players is 24, reserve/substitutes need to be in a separate TS channel and can be picked during half time.
  7. Switch of players can only be done 3 times.
  8. All names submitted on the participation list must have been a member of the outfit for a minimum of three months.  If a name is found to not have been in the outfit long enough the outfit will be asked to replace that player with another acceptable member. This Rule serves the purpose to prevent outfit hopping and team stacking. However the admins can make exceptions to this if you can explain the outfit history of the player. For example to allow complete new players or players who have come back from a break.
  9. No individual may play for two different teams over the course of the season.
  10. Outfits have to deliver a list of players for the next match one day beforehand to support the casting.
  11. An outfit that does not field a complete 24 man team within 15 minutes before the scheduled match start will forfeit the match.
  12. An outfit will join the TS on a specific day and will be given a unique icon for the TS.  

Lane Rules and Makeup:

  1. All controlled bases and home bases will be switched at half time.
  2. Lane will be announced 1 week before the match. After the Summer Season this will be 2 weeks.

Click here to see the lanes

We will add other Lanes to this later on


This match will only take place if the teams have equal points at the end of both rounds!!

  1. Summer and Main Season sudden death matches will take place on “The Traverse”
  2. No Vehicles.
  3. Only Heavies and Light Assaults
  4. First team to either eliminate the other team to the last man or cap the base wins
  5. Consumables are allowed
  6. No Instant Action, Squad Deploy, or Respawning
  7. You start on the ends of the bridge and you are not allowed to leave the bridge (beams below and the roof can only be used by Light Assaults)


  1. If a player is leaving the area he needs to respawn to the teams homebase and wait 5 minutes in the Spawnroom
  2. Pulling a vehicle from wrong base → relevant player needs to wait 5 minutes in the Spawnroom of homebase