LaneSmash is a 24v24 competitive event featuring the combined arms format of Planetside 2. There are almost no restrictions other than the area of play.

Two teams fight over multiple bases connected by lattice links which creating a Lane. Capturing Bases awards your team points.

LaneSmash focuses on skills, tactics and coordination between infantry, Vehicles and aircraft; it is the perfect opportunity to improve your outfit cohesion!

2016 Tournament

Winner: CoGu

Runners Up: H

  • Rules
  • Lanes (Link broken)

Summer Season Matchmaking

  • Standings (Link broken)

LaneSmash Tournament

  • Standings (Link broken)

2015 Tournament

Winner: TCM

Runners Up: MCY

Summer Season Matchmaking

LaneSmash Tournament

The LaneSmash Team

Organizers 2016:

Admins 2016:

Staff 2016:

  • [ECL] MadMattTR
  • [3GIS] Graamhoek
  • [TROL] Systemtwo
  • [GunR] BandanaDee
  • Dbo7
  • [INI] Darthsebious
  • Baddie
  • Survivable Gaming

Organizers 2015:

Admins 2015:

Referees 2015:

  • [RMIS] Pariah_terror
  • [QQue] TacticalShrimp
  • [FRC] Dronecrack
  • [CSG] Thundeyr