Planetside Battles

Planetside Battles (PSB) is a player-driven organization focuses on facilitating and running fun events for the Planetside 2 Community. Our current efforts include Public Pickups and OvO (Outfit v Outfit)

Planetside Battles Leadership Team

Admin Team

  • [ECL] Reltor: Reddit
  • [INI] Dotz0r: Reddit
  • [3GIS] Graemhoek
  • [INI] Fara
  • [666] Lanzer
  • [B4ND] SGTMile

Outfit vs Outfit Team

Senior Staff

Senior Staff are PSB’s most trusted members, however they’re not full administrators. They don’t speak on behalf of PSB, but are key to our organisation and its operations.

Outfit v Outfit

  • [R7] BlockX

General Staff

  • [L] Pronam
  • [CONZ] RobW95
  • [IRON] Lampjaw

The Tech Wizard

The Tech Wizard handles any technical matters for Planetside Battles, including Teamspeak, statistic systems and in-game technical matters. Please forward any website, technical questions and feature requests to:

[ECL] Reltor: Reddit

Retired Members

  • Lujah – former PSB Admin and founding member of ServerSmash.
  • shaql – former PSB Admin
  • Leggerless – former PSB Fun Police Admin
  • OdinsPride – former PSB Communications Admin
  • PassionateL0ver – former PSBL Admin
  • Redolent – former PSB Production Admin
  • Maelstrome26 – former PSB Admin and Tech Lead
  • Justicia – former PSB Admin and ServerSmash Head Referee
  • Reeve – former PSBL and LaneSmash Admin
  • Azure – former Tech Wizard & AU Admin
  • SakuraGore – Senior Staff for PR