Outfit vs Outfit

Outfit vs. Outfit is our way of providing the Planetside 2 community with an easy way to set up scrimmages. With our access to Jaeger and hundreds of accounts, we are in the unique position of offering outfits custom matches of their preference.

Requests are made to PSB OvO and granted on a case by case basis.  We accommodate just about any request, provided the requester can be trusted with Jaeger granted accounts.

Here are the directions on how to request accounts.

Here is a template request for /r/PSBOvO.

The OvO Team

  • [BRAC] Reltor – Head Admin
  • [B4ND] SGTMile – Backup
  • [R7] BlockX – Senior Staff NA
  • [L3GN] Ghost – Staff EU
  • [FFS] LittleLaddie – Staff EU
  • [R7] ColonelBriggens – Staff NA

Team captains feel free to join the PS2 OvO discord. There you can find scrim partners and request base flips from Jaeger Admins. https://discord.gg/m3hYaBX